SWIPO announces the establishment of a Complaints Secretariat to administratively process any formal complaints from any Cloud Customer that (a) uses one or more Cloud Service(s) from a Cloud Services Provider  who has submitted a related “Declaration of Adherence” to SWIPO and (b) believes that such Provider has not sufficiently adhered to the relevant Code’s requirements. 

While adherence to a SWIPO Code is voluntary, if a Provider submits a Declaration of Adherence to a Code (for Infrastructure as a Service – IaaS – and/or Software as a Service – SaaS) , then the Provider shall provide a pre-contractual transparency statement to help potential customers assess how the Provider will address related data portability and switching issues. This statement will, as a result, provide more insight to Customers in terms of how a Provider will support the switching process and help enable customers make informed choices as to which Cloud Provider(s) it wants to use.

The SWIPO complaints process was designed to enable a customer to complain about a Provider’s conformance to one or more SWIPO Codes and have them fairly and neutrally adjudicated by independent experts.  With the retention of a neutral Complaints Secretariat and other necessary experts, SWIPO now fully prepared to address any such concerns. The Complaints Secretariat, as a completely independent organisation, will provide integrity and increased protection for customers, and serve as a trustworthy mechanism for both providers and customers.

 More information: Complaints – SWIPO