The mission of SWIPO (Switching from provider and the Porting of Non-Personal data) has been reconfirmed on October 8th 2021 when the representatives of ‘B20’ (the Business Federations and companies of the 20 countries that are involved in G20 that includes over 1,000 delegates and 2,000 participants), issued a final declaration aiming at offering concrete recommendations and actions in view of the G20 Summit on 30-31 October 2021 with Italian G20 Presidency.

Twelve macro-priorities were defined under B20 motto “Reshape the Future: Include, Share, Act,” to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the G20 Priorities – People, Planet and Prosperity (3Ps):

The macro-priorities are:

for including

  • Empower Women and Youth, and Ensure Equal Opportunities for All
  • Unlock the Digital Transformation and Build Skills for Tomorrow
  • Scale up Sustainable Finance and support Impact Investing and Financing
  • Include LDCs and MSMEs in the global economy and foster access to Trade Finance

for sharing

  • Promote Open Trade and Halt Protectionism, Especially on Vaccines
  • Speed up Adoption of Innovation and Achieve Broader Access to Care
  • Enhance Investment in Sustainable Infrastructure and Urban Regeneration
  • Promote Sustainable Governance, Increase Transparency and Fair Competition

for acting

  • Accelerate the Net Zero Race, Drive the Just Transition, and Fight Climate Change
  • Establish a Global Emergency Governance for Future Crises
  • Reform the WTO and Strengthen International Cooperation
  • Level the Digital Playing Field and Foster a Trustworthy Ecosystem

These macro-priorities are supported by concrete recommendations and actions defined by 9 task forces. Among them a Digital Transformation Taskforce has been established.

One of the policy recommendations proposed by the Digital Transformation Taskforce to level the digital playing field and foster a trustworthy ecosystem reads:

Harmonize regulatory principles to ensure fair competition and efficient markets, promote trust in the digital ecosystem by enhancing cybersecurity and privacy protection and encourage the adoption of interoperable policy frameworks and common standards to facilitate cross-border data flows.

One of the policy actions to implement this recommendation is to support technological innovation with policies that promote interconnection, interoperability and the adoption of market driven, global, open, and voluntary standards and codes of conduct with the aim of fostering usage of cross-domain solutions and data porting.

Following this policy recommendation and the proposed action, SWIPO notes that the  SWIPO Codes of Conducts are ready-to-use and effective tools that are available to increase the trust in the global digital ecosystem and level the digital playing field.