SWIPO is looking for members of the Complaints board

Whenever SWIPO AISBL formally launches formally approved Codes of Conduct, organizations that provide related cloud services can voluntarily decide to declare adherence of one or more of their services to one or more of these Codes. Such organizations can voluntarily submit such declarations to SWIPO AISBL. SWIPO AISBL will maintain public records of such declarations. 
If a customer has engaged in negotiations or an agreement with such an organization and has reason to believe that the provider’s declaration to  SWIPO AISBL is not accurate, it may submit a formal complaint to SWIPO AISBL pursuant to the related procedures. 
SWIPO seeks to establish a “Complaints Body” made up of neutral and appropriate experts to review and resolve any such complaints. If you believe that you meet the criteria below and are interested in becoming a member of the SWIPO AISBL Complaints Body and/or have any related questions, please contact the SWIPO AISBL Secretariat at this email address: contact@swipo.eu.


Members of the Complaints Body must individually meet the following requirements (and submit sufficient information to the Complaints Secretariat to substantiate this) to (a) be approved as a member of the Complaints Body and (b) separately, in connection with any specific Complaint submitted to the Complaints Body, in order to assist the Complaints Secretariat assess which Complaints Body members would be eligible to participate in a specific complaint review process (the “Eligible Complaint Body Members” for purposes of that specific complaint): 

i. Sufficient understanding or expertise regarding one or more of the SWIPO Codes of Conduct and the related Transparency Statement requirements (including the distinction between (a) what is required for adherence and (b) what is recommended and therefore not required for adherence to a Code); 

ii. Sufficient understanding and experience regarding contractual negotiations between commercial parties; 

iii. No possible or perceived conflict(s) of interest that could prevent or possibly endanger a fair and unbiased assessment or decision regarding an alleged infringement of a SWIPO Code of Conduct; 

iv. Not employed by or affiliated with a SWIPO Member; 

v. Not employed by an EU regulatory or adjudicative body.