Who can become a member

What are member benefits

Any organization using or providing cloud services can become a member and sign up as Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or as Cloud Service Customer (CSC). Any CSP can also declare adherence to the Codes of Conduct to prove to the market their services and/or products are compliant with the Codes of Conduct.

Promote to cloud providers and cloud users the importance of addressing vendor lock-in by adopting the SWIPO code of conducts addressing data portability and cloud switching 

Actively contribute to the evolution of these codes and be part of the SWIPO AISBL governance 

Be part of a network of users and providers, share knowledge and expertise and get first-hand access to information 

Get “member” only 50% discount on Adherence declarations.

How will SWIPO support the Industry

What do I have to invest as Member

Increasing visibility of our solutions from a self-regulatory approach and implementation 

A common voice to represent the Cloud Service industry on Switching and Porting 

Collective advocacy work to create a supportive regulatory and economic framework 

An industry association is driven by the work of its members. Members are encouraged to take active part in the work of the committees or working groups and to contribute to the work of the association thus supporting it in the realization of its objectives.