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SWIPO Code of Conduct; Common High Level principles. 

The Common High level Principles describe the background of the SWIPO initiative and provide more insight on the regulation under which the SWIPO Codes of Conduct have been developed.

SWIPO Code of Conduct; Common Terminology. 

The Common Terminology document provides an overview with all terms, abbreviations and specific words used in the Codes

SWIPO Converged Code of Conduct

The Converged Code of Conduct includes all the requirements reflected in the already existing IaaS and SaaS Codes

SWIPO IaaS Code of Conduct

The IaaS Code of Conduct describes the Code of Conduct for Infrastructure As A Service for Cloud Providers

SWIPO IaaS Code of Conduct Transparency Statement

This document provides the IaaS Cloud Provider with a mandatory transparency statement they are to present to their customer(s).

SWIPO SaaS Code of Conduct

The SaaS Code of Conduct describes the Code of Conduct for Software As A Service Providers. This includes the mandatory transparency statement as well.

SWIPO Complaints and Appeals Procedure

If you are unhappy with the way your Cloud Provider is handling your complaint, you can download this document to review how to file a complaint to SWIPO. 

SWIPO Complaints Confidentiality Agreement and Complaints Form

Use this form to submit a formal Complaint to SWIPO AISBL for infringements of SWIPO Codes of Conducts

SWIPO Appeals form

For SWIPO members only. Use this form to address appeals in connection with an action or inaction related to the SWIPO AISBL Common governance and related documents

SWIPO Adherence Declaration Form

With this form, you can declare any of your services compliant to the SWIPO AISBL developed Codes of Conduct

SWIPO Common Governance

If you are interested in how SWIPO AISBL operates internally, you can download our Common Governance here

SWIPO Common Policies

If you are interested in the Common Policies used within SWIPO, you can download this document.

SWIPO Approaches on Certification Schemes

SWIPO developed a view on Certification Schemes related to the developed Codes of Conduct. These reviews can be downloaded here

Results of the Public Consultation on the SWIPO Converged Code  (Jan-March 2023), Disposition of Comments