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Terms and Conditions of Use for SWIPO AISBL
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  • a) SWIPO AISBL must be identified as the copyright holder and the only relevant authority for the governance of the Code(s) and other SWIPO AISBL documents.
  • b) Any such SWIPO AISBL copyrighted material must include SWIPO AISBL’s authorized copyright notice to address any related copyright or other legal matters.
  • c) No SWIPO AISBL Code of Conduct or portion of a Code of Conduct may be implicitly or explicitly linked to any non-SWIPO AISBL program’s conformance, certification and/or complaints mechanism or authority.
  • d) It is explicitly forbidden to publish or otherwise make use of any part(s) of any SWIPO AISBL document outside of the SWIPO AISBL governance structure, or modify any such document or any part thereof, whether for commercial, non-commercial and/or private purposes. Examples of permitted uses under the SWIPO AISBL governance structure include use of the text as part of the Code development process, in connection with the implementation of a Code, and as part of the complaints or other governance process.

Warranty and Liability
SWIPO AISBL makes no representation or warranty as to completeness, accuracy or reliability of the above Codes of Conduct and other SWIPO AISBL documents.
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Trademark Policy
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develop other marks (such as marks relating to compliance or membership) as appropriate and under articulated rules regarding their use. 

Applicable law and dispute resolution
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