To our colleagues at Beltug:

We have closely reviewed your November 2020 publication (prepared jointly with Cigref, CIO Platform Nederland, and VOICE e.V) entitled “SWIPO. A new Code of Conduct for data import and data export for SaaS Suppliers”.  In this document, you have provided some observations regarding the SWIPO SaaS Code of Conduct, some suggestions on how that Code could be improved, and a description of the process by which a cloud services customer can raise concerns about a specific provider’s declaration of adherence to the SaaS Code.

We appreciate your sharing this document with us.  We also appreciated your organization’s participation in the Code development process that led to the first official publication of the SaaS Code.  We strongly believe that the SWIPO Codes of Conduct (both the IaaS Code and the SaaS Code) are the first and fundamental achievements in the cloud service market to address the risk of “vendor lock-in”.

We also note that SWIPO continues to encourage cloud services providers to submit related declarations of adherence to the IaaS and SaaS Codes and to undertake related communications efforts to inform the general public about the availability of the Codes.  SWIPO also continues to encourage stakeholders to become new members to join in its ongoing Code development/maintenance processes and further define evolving roadmaps according to market needs and developments.

SWIPO also is always available and open to all contributions relating to current and/or future Codes of Conduct and submit comments during a public consultation of the next draft version of the Codes.  However, we would like to extend again SWIPO’s invitation to Beltug, Cigref, CIO Platform Nederland and VOICE e.V to become SWIPO members so that they can fully participate in this ongoing journey.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Alfons Westgeest
SWIPO AISBL Secretariat
On behalf of the SWIPO Executive Board