SWIPO has the ambition to become the reference point for the market when it comes to portability and switching as well as implementing essential elements of the upcoming Data Act. SWIPO has now launched a public consultation on its Converged Code of Conduct, SWIPO Converged Code version 1.2‎. The proposed document is a ‎converged version of the already in place IaaS and SaaS Codes and aims to cover all types of cloud services.

A Task Force composed of 4 SWIPO members prepared the SWIPO Converged Code, version 1.2 and the proposed converged version offers full compatibility with the current SWIPO IaaS and SaaS Codes of Conduct. It is possible to identify all the current requirements in the proposed converged version. This allows the existing Codes to continue to be used as they are. It also allows the option to add a declaration of adherence to the new Code with minimal effort by the CSP. This ensures that there is no reduction in user protection by requesting the converged Code.

The requirements that have been defined are valid not ‎only for IaaS or SaaS services but for all types of Cloud Services, including those ‎where different types of cloud services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) coexist.‎

The Code can also be extended to continuum computing, as derived data is included in the scope of the Converged version of the SWIPO Codes. For this reason, it can also be applied in a continuum computing (cloud-edge-IoT) scenario where co-generated data have a strategic importance. ‎

“The public consultation is a huge milestone for SWIPO and when this revised version of the SWIPO Converged Code becomes available, it will be a self-regulatory tool for the cloud-services market to evaluate the compliance of the switching between providers of data processing services, one of the essential elements of the upcoming Data Act, with the Data Act requirements. I would like to thank all of our members involved”, stated Françoise Maon, SWIPO Association Manager.

The consultation is now open for 60 days and the deadline to respond is Friday, the 17th of March 2023.

______________________________________________________________________________________For more information or questions, please contact:

Isabella Beck Jørgensen, SWIPO Communications Manager – Email: contact@swipo.eu – Website: swipo.eu