Google has declared adherence for 19 services and infrastructure offerings to be compliant with the SWIPO Codes of Conduct. SWIPO (Switching Cloud Providers and Porting Data), is a multi-stakeholder group facilitated by the European Commission, in order to develop voluntary Codes of Conduct for the proper application of the EU Free Flow of Non-Personal Data Regulation, Article 6 “Porting of Data”.

‎‎“These declarations of adherence represent a very important step for implementing the SWIPO ‎Codes and having a huge market impact in enabling the free flow of data in the EU for the ‎benefit of all cloud users”, stated Patrick Maes, member of the Executive Board of SWIPO AISBL.

SWIPO has the ambition to become the reference point for the market when it comes to portability and switching as well as implementing essential elements of the upcoming Data Act.

By assuring a ‘level playing field’ the declarations of ‎adherence will play a key role to promote a ‘trusted digital environment’ and the development of ‎important initiatives in the global data economy.

SWIPO AISBL published the 2020 versions of its IaaS and SaaS Codes of Conduct available on Downloads – SWIPO. The Codes are copyright-protected and can be downloaded free of charge subject to the related copyright notice and terms & conditions.

The list of services adherent to the SWIPO Codes are available on this page of the SWIPO website: Current SWIPO code adherences – SWIPO.

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For more information or questions, please contact:

Francoise Maon, SWIPO Association Manager – Email:
Visit: Avenue de Tervueren 188A, Postbox 4, 4th Floor, 1150 Brussels, Belgium