At the Eurelectric meeting of the 12th of April 2022 about the Power Sector on Cloud , Aniello Gentile (Enel) , member of SWIPO AISBL Executive Board led a Breakout Session to analyze the benefit of SWIPO Codes of Conduct for electrical companies.

In this very interesting and shared session, SWIPO Codes of Conduct were presented as a very effective solution for reducing lock-in risks in adopting cloud services in a context where:  

  • Cloud services are becoming fundamental pillars for digital transformation of electrical companies, providing scalability and flexibility needed to develop new businesses
  • Data ‘owned’ and continuously generated’ by these companies are the foundation on which current and emerging businesses are based
  • Ownership and control over the data is a strategic goal for companies involved in digital transformation
  • Data must be collected exploited and protected against all lock in risks
  • Data portability between cloud services is a ‘must’ for a full control over the data to keep ownership.

Considering the strategic importance of data portability both in cloud contracts and in the new European Regulations (Digital Markets Act, Data Act), the participation to SWIPO initiative will become more and more important both

  • for Cloud Service Customers that can contribute (free of charge) to Codes evolution expressing their needs and requirements, increasing their negotiation power in signing cloud services contracts and, in this way, protecting their business data assets with secured processes of the switching and porting and
  • for Cloud Service Providers that can collect information on Customers requirements about data porting and can provide advice on how to implement this porting so aligning their platforms with market needs and regulation evolutions.

During the meeting, it has been highlighted that

  • SWIPO (Switching Cloud Providers and Porting Data) AISBL is a multi stakeholder association (including Cloud Service Providers and Cloud Service Customers) facilitated by the European Commission and formed in 2020 as the self regulatory body with the mission to develop and maintain voluntary Codes of Conduct in support of Article 6 “Porting of Data” of the Free Flow on Non Personal Data Regulation (EU) 2018/1807
  • The contribution of Cloud Service Customers to this association is strongly encouraged, and their participation is ‘free of charge’ (the fee is zero).
  • The SWIPO Governance guarantees a balanced presence of Customers and Providers in the Executive Board and in all decisional bodies, so providing an effective ‘balance of interests’ .

In the final round table the participants shared their opinions on how to reduce lock in risks by asking data portability to cloud service providers by means of declaration of adherence to SWIPO Codes and how to promote, for new cloud platforms,  a ‘data portability by design’ approach, based on SWIPO codes.