With its Codes of Conduct, SWIPO provides guidance to Cloud Service Customers and Providers on how to implement article 6 of the Free Flow of Non-Personal data regulation (FFOD, Regulation (EU) 2018/1807).

For CSPs, the Codes provide advice on how to port data from their environment to another and offer the possibility to declare services adherent to the Codes.

For CSCs, the possibility to choose a CSP that has declared its services adherent to a SWIPO Code of Conduct constitutes a real negotiation power that will allow them to ensure that, when it is needed, a secured process of the switching and porting of their business data will be implemented.

The SWIPO Codes of Conduct are very good tools to achieve transparency of the contractual terms.

For more information, read BPdelivery article.

To declare a service adherence

To view the register of services declared