SWIPO (Switching Cloud Providers and Porting Data), is a multi-stakeholder association facilitated by the European Commission, in order to develop voluntary Codes of Conduct for the proper application of the EU Free Flow of Non-Personal Data Regulation / Article 6 “Porting of Data”.

Members’ list

SWIPO currently counts 21 members:


SWIPO Mission statement 
SWIPO is an industry driven initiative that provides 
guidance and governance between Cloud Service 
Providers and Cloud Service Customers to ensure safe 
and effective switching from provider and the 
portability of non-personal data in the light of article 6 on the “Free Flow of Non-Personal Data” regulation. 
The full text of the regulation can be found HERE
Implementation of the Codes of Conduct 
 The Codes of Conduct are developed and maintained 
by a legal entity (SWIPO AISBL). This legal entity
operates without interference from the European Commission and 
consists of Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and Cloud 
Service Customers (CSC). Both providers and customers are part of the board that is responsible for the 
maintenance and further development of the codes and the supportive documents. Any organization can 
become a member to express adherence to the codes. 
The members are bound to the governance and 
statutes from the legal entity.