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SWIPO (Switching Cloud Providers and Porting Data), is a multi-stakeholder group facilitated by the European Commission, in order to develop voluntary Codes of Conduct for the proper application of the EU Free Flow of Non-Personal Data Regulation / Article 6 "Porting of Data"

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Cloud Service Providers (CSP) and Cloud Service Customers (CSC) can become members of SWIPO. CSP's can even declare services adherent to the SWIPO Codes of Conduct


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SWIPO Letter to Beltug

To our colleagues at Beltug: We have closely reviewed your November 2020 publication (prepared jointly with Cigref, CIO Platform Nederland, and VOICE e.V) entitled “SWIPO. A new Code of Conduct for data import and data export for SaaS Suppliers”.  In this document, you have provided some observations regarding the SWIPO SaaS Code of Conduct, some…

SWIPO launches Adherence Declaration Forms

SWIPO launches Adherence Declaration Forms If you offer Cloud solutions to the market, it is important that your customers are aware that you will also offer them safe transfers of business data, should they decide to switch from you as a Cloud provider.  SWIPO provides guidance and governance to Cloud Service Providers and Customers for safe and effective switching from provider and the portability of non-personal data in light of Article…

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